Illinois has a strong manufacturing history with a supportive infrastructure and a diverse, growing workforce to meet the ever-growing demand.

Innovative Excellence

Throughout Mid-Illinois, businesses are leading the way in advanced manufacturing where digital transformation is essential to complex production processes, innovative product designs and best-in-class performance. We are industry leaders in machinery, food and beverage, chemical, fabricated metal, electrical equipment, appliance, and component manufacturing. The logistics and multimodal transportation in Mid-Illinois provide excellent access to the global market. Mid-Illinois believes that a talented, skilled workforce must have access to the best training and on-the-job instruction.

Heartland College Electric Vehicle-Energy Storage Manufacturing Training Academy

This academy offers new certificates and degrees in Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage technology in two career pathways: 1) Electric Vehicle, including advanced manufacturing, installation, final assembly, inspection, diagnosis, service, and repair, and 2) Energy Storage, including maintenance and support of battery systems in residential, commercial, and utility scale applications.

Illinois EV Innovation Hub – TCCI

This academy, part of the EV Innovation Hub to be built in Decatur, Illinois, in conjunction with TCCI Manufacturing, Richland Community College, and the City of Decatur, will offer stackable credentials, certificates, pathway STEM programs and apprenticeships that train a workforce in areas ranging from EV Advanced Manufacturing, Computer Software Engineering, and Advanced CNC Machining technicians and electronic controls managers. This program is in partnership with several Illinois Innovation Network partners including University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois Springfield, and Illinois State University, within our Mid-Illinois region.

SMART Conceptual Training Centers

  • Parkland Advanced Manufacturing Training Academy
  • Illinois Central College/Lincoln Land Manufacturing Training Academy