Broadwing Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Warwick Carbon Solutions, has signed an agreement to create a pioneering power and steam facility aimed at capturing more than 90% of CO2 emissions. This facility will combine CO2 removal technology with ADM’s permanent carbon storage wells. Originally announced in 2021, the project’s scope has expanded, with Warwick planning to build and operate a natural gas power plant providing electricity and steam to ADM’s Decatur processing operations. CO2 emissions will be captured and stored underground using ADM’s CCS capabilities, aiming for an efficiency of over 90% and the potential to sequester more than 2 million tons of CO2 annually. The project is viewed as a model for decarbonization efforts and could create numerous jobs during construction and operation. Warwick Carbon Solutions specializes in decarbonization projects and is committed to sustainable infrastructure development.

Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA), a farmer-owned dairy co-op known for its popular ice cream brand, has exciting plans for Decatur, Illinois. They intend to open a new ice cream manufacturing facility in Decatur by late 2024. This facility will be TCCA’s first outside of Oregon and will be solely dedicated to ice cream production. The company will invest in updating the previously-owned Prairie Farms plant, which closed in early 2022, to meet its stringent quality standards. The goal is to start full ice cream production in October 2024.

What’s even more promising for Decatur is that this project is expected to create approximately 45 new jobs in the local community. Decatur Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe is enthusiastic about this development, emphasizing its positive impact on the local economy, especially along the MLK corridor. The Economic Development Corporation of Decatur-Macon County President, Nicole Bateman, believes that TCCA’s choice of Decatur for expansion is a testament to the city’s strong business climate, affordable utilities, and strategic location, providing access to a large customer base in the Midwest.

Illinois is front and center in the Biden-Harris administration’s Tech Hubs program, a groundbreaking initiative to drive innovation and job creation. As part of this program, Illinois will focus on industries like quantum computing, biotechnology, clean energy, and more, positioning the state at the forefront of technological advancements.

The Department of Commerce has also granted Strategy Development Grants (SDG) to support local planning efforts and enhance Illinois’ competitiveness for future Tech Hubs funding. The Tech Hubs program promises to rejuvenate Illinois’ economy, create high-quality jobs, and strengthen the state’s position in the technology sector. This initiative is a significant step towards a more innovative and competitive future for Illinois.

Decatur, Illinois, takes center stage as Rising Pharmaceuticals, also known as Rising Pharma Holdings Inc., unveils its new commercial manufacturing facility spanning an impressive 230,000 square feet. This facility is dedicated to the production of sterile products, addressing critical pharmaceutical supply shortages in the United States.

Decatur, a vital part of this expansion, stands to benefit significantly from the economic growth and job creation brought about by Rising Pharmaceuticals. The facility has been an integral part of the Decatur community since 1952, and Rising Pharmaceuticals is committed to further enhancing its positive impact.

Decatur, Illinois, is witnessing a sustainable transformation as InnovaFeed invests $250 million in a pioneering insect protein facility near an ADM plant. With an innovative “industrial symbiosis model,” it maximizes waste use, reflecting Decatur’s growing importance as a hub for sustainable industries.

This project isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s economically impactful. It’s set to create 280 direct jobs and many indirect ones, providing a much-needed boost to the local economy.

InnovaFeed aims to feed 10 billion people by 2050, and the Decatur plant, the world’s largest insect protein facility, is a vital step in that direction. Opening in late 2023 or early 2024, it symbolizes Decatur’s journey towards sustainable growth.

Decatur, Illinois, celebrated on November 7, 2022, as ADM expanded its North America Microbiology Laboratory at the ADM Specialty Manufacturing Facility. This expansion highlights ADM’s dedication to Decatur.

Veronica Braker, Senior Vice President of Global Operations at ADM, emphasized how this expansion boosts productivity, fosters collaboration, and creates local job opportunities.

The Microbiology Laboratory, present in Decatur since the late 1960s, now serves over 26 ADM manufacturing facilities across North America. Equipped with advanced technology, it enables in-house testing and automation capabilities.
The lab is on track to achieve ISO 17025 accreditation for top-quality testing methods by early 2023, with plans for further certification expansion. A laboratory information management system will enhance client reporting in late 2023.

Lee Perry, Vice President of Quality and Food Safety at ADM, noted how this expansion aligns with ADM’s mission of operational excellence and benefits both Decatur and ADM’s services. It’s a testament to local innovation and growth.

Decatur, Illinois, is gearing up for a green future and economic growth with Governor JB Pritzker awarding T/CCI Manufacturing the first REV Illinois tax incentive package. T/CCI Manufacturing, a Decatur-based leader in compressor technology, will invest over $20 million to transition its facility for electric compressor manufacturing, creating 50 new jobs.

This initiative includes $2.2 million in REV incentives and $21.3 million in capital grants to establish a research and innovation facility in collaboration with the City of Decatur and Richland Community College. The facility will drive electric vehicle technology, research, and training.

Illinois’ Fiscal Year 2023 budget also allocates $15.3 million to Richland Community College and $6 million to the City of Decatur to create an EV Innovation Cluster, including a Climatic Center for Innovation & Research Facility. This collaborative effort positions Illinois as a leader in EV manufacturing and workforce development.

These investments showcase Decatur’s commitment to sustainable mobility, job growth, and a thriving electric vehicle industry, making it a promising hub for the future of transportation.

LG Chem and ADM have announced two joint ventures for the U.S. production of lactic acid and polylactic acid (PLA) to meet growing demand for plant-based products, including bioplastics. Decatur, Illinois, has been chosen as the location for these intended production facilities. The first venture, GreenWise Lactic, will produce up to 150,000 tons of high-purity corn-based lactic acid annually. The second venture, LG Chem Illinois Biochem, will use the lactic acid from GreenWise Lactic to produce approximately 75,000 tons of PLA per year. These ventures aim to tap into the rising demand for lactic acid, bioplastics, and biopolymers. Construction is targeted to begin in 2023, with production expected to start in late 2025 or early 2026, supporting over 125 jobs in Decatur.

Decatur, Illinois, in partnership with The Atkins Group (TAG), is set to construct a 635,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution facility at 4250 North Commercial Crossing, bolstering the city’s logistics sector.

TAG President Mark Dixon expressed excitement over Decatur’s strategic location near I-72 and appreciated the support from local government agencies and real estate professionals. The project, known as Cardinal Warehouse, will generate up to 75 jobs, benefiting from Decatur’s Enterprise Zone. Construction is already underway and is expected to conclude by summer 2022.

Decatur Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe praised the city’s role as an industrial expansion and logistics hub and highlighted collaborative efforts to accommodate the project within the future beltway plans.
Partners on the project include ARCO National Construction, Martin Engineering Company, and GMA Architects.

Tillamook, a well-known dairy company famous for its ice cream, is planning to open a manufacturing plant in Decatur, Illinois, by the end of 2024. The Decatur City Council has approved Tillamook’s proposal to retrofit an existing building for this purpose, which is expected to create around 45 new jobs for the local community. Decatur was chosen for its manufacturing expertise and trusted reputation, making it an ideal location for Tillamook. The plant aims to begin operations in October 2024, and this development offers hope for the community, particularly following the closure of Akorn Pharmaceuticals, which left over 400 employees unemployed. City council members believe that Tillamook’s new factory will not only provide job opportunities but also contribute to the local economy and boost community morale.