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Greater Peoria: Emerging as a Leader in Bioprocessing Innovation

Central Illinois has become a hub for technological innovation, particularly in bioprocessing, thanks to its designation as a “TechHub” by the US Economic Development Administration. At the heart of this development is the Central Illinois Fermentation and Agriculture Biomanufacturing (iFAB) Hub at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, focusing on precision fermentation—a technology with a projected global market worth $11.8 billion by 2028.

Greater Peoria, strategically located near abundant farm resources and extensive bioprocessing production, is set to benefit from these advancements despite TechHub being 90 miles away.

The region already houses major ethanol producers, innovative companies like Natural Fiber Welding, and significant players in bioprocessing, including Alto Ingredients.

A recent visit to Alto Ingredients in Pekin highlighted the region’s role in this sector, showcasing its readiness to capitalize on TechHub initiatives.Greater Peoria is poised to lead in the bioprocessing and technological innovation sector, leveraging its strategic location and existing industrial landscape to shape a sustainable and innovative future.